Teen:DPV, Adult:S
The Destiny Series, #2


By Christine Grey

United by their love and events a thousand years in the making, Dearra and Darius abandon the safety of their island home and set out to rescue one little boy from an enemy whose name is synonymous with cruelty and pain.
In a world of danger, treachery, and deception, they are aided by Dearra’s magical companion, Brin, as well as new and powerful allies, straight out of legend.
Dark secrets are revealed, and there is one, last, desperate chance to heal the wounds of history, as the past collides with the present.
When chaos surrounds them, they discover that, sometimes, the loudest sound comes disguised as a whisper.


Drugs … contains limited alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and/or drug/substance use. (Teen)
Profanity …contains no strong profanity, has limited use of mild profanity, and contains no racial slurs. (Teen)
Sex …contains mild innuendo and/or reference to sensual or sexual activity that is “off screen” and not graphically portrayed but still follows all of the submission guidelines. (Adult)
Violence …contains limited violence without the gore and has a low body count. (Teen)
Mature Themes No
Rating – Teen:DPV, Adult:S

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Author: Christine Grey