Alora Chronicles, #1

Until I Sleep

By Lara Ann

Ashlee Somers had always thought her life was ordinary, until the day she tragically loses her mother and is sent to live with the father she’s never met.
Ash’s father gives her the beautiful and unusual Jaega locket. It contains the power to transport her between worlds. Thrust into a world of mystery and magic, she has to work out what is real and what is fantasy. Ash travels to Alora, land of Elves. Here she meets the charming and dangerous Wyn. As she develops feelings for him, she begins to hope he is more than a figment of her imagination.
Ash is forced to choose between a normal life and a possible life of danger and mystery. Will she make the right choice?


Drugs … contains no alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or drug/substance use. (For Everyone)
Profanity …contains no strong profanity, has limited use of mild profanity, and contains no racial slurs. (Teen)
Sex … contains limited non-descriptive references to sexual activities, occasional passionate kissing, and/or non-descriptive cases of non-sexual nudity. (Teen)
Violence …contains limited violence without the gore and has a low body count. (Teen)
Mature Themes No
Rating – Teen:PSV

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Author: Lara Ann