The Edge of the Sword #4

The Throne of Cerecia

By Amber Gabriel

After the secret of his magic fire potion was stolen and his closest ally killed, King Chysh is out for revenge. Unfortunately for him, his ruthless tactics and poor leadership have created many enemies. The Chief and his band of smugglers are fomenting rebellion, Chysh’s own sister is considering turning against him, and unknown entities are plotting behind the scenes.
The normally docile Bashalis is turning into a rebellious teenager. Despite her sheltered life and limited eyesight, she attempts to get out from under her brother’s thumb and become her own person. Will she find the confidence and courage to defy her brother and find her own path, or will Chysh’s opposition use her as a pawn?
Stelan and Talia are experiencing tension in their marriage and cannot pinpoint the source of their communication problems. Is it their language and background differences, fallout from their battle injuries and traumatic experiences, or something deeper? How can two people who love each other so much still be unhappy? Will a new threat endangering their lives will either bring them back together or split them apart.
To what lengths will our heroes go to keep their loved ones safe and protect their fellow citizens? Assassins, explosions, battles, and intrigue abound in this quest to determine who sits on the querulous throne of Cerecia.


Drugs … contains limited alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and/or drug/substance use. (Teen)
Profanity …contains no profanity at all, contains no racial slurs or negative racial words, and may contain a limited use of rude words. (For Everyone)
Sex … contains limited non-descriptive references to sexual activities, occasional passionate kissing, and/or non-descriptive cases of non-sexual nudity. (Teen)
Violence …contains large-scale violence and/or intense violent scenes without gore but still follows all of the submission guidelines. (Adult)
Mature Themes PTSD, domestic violence
Rating – Adult

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Author: Amber Gabriel
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