Teen:DPS, Adult:V
Claymore of Calthoria, #2

The Obsidian Arrow

By Craig A. Price Jr.

Searon thought completing an impossible quest for an arrogant wizard would earn him some time off. He was wrong.

A new enemy threatens the fragile peace in Calthoria, and their leaders desperately want revenge.

Searon’s greatest ally, Starlyn, has run off, and no one knows where she has gone. He must form a new alliance, a dangerous one, for there to be any hope of survival.

If he fails, all life is in danger of becoming part of the undead.


Drugs … contains limited alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and/or drug/substance use. (Teen)
Profanity …contains no strong profanity, has limited use of mild profanity, and contains no racial slurs. (Teen)
Sex … contains limited non-descriptive references to sexual activities, occasional passionate kissing, and/or non-descriptive cases of non-sexual nudity. (Teen)
Violence …contains large-scale violence and/or intense violent scenes without gore but still follows all of the submission guidelines. (Adult)
Mature Themes No
Rating – Teen:DPS, Adult:V

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Author: Craig A. Price Jr.