The Apprentice of Amadan Dubh: Historical Irish Fantasy Short Story 

By Kandi J. Wyatt

Fame, fortune, and the favor of a certain red-headed girl.

That’s all Paddy wants, and as apprentice to the Master Mage of County King, he’s certain to attain them all. Yet when his teacher turns their magic malevolent, Paddy is forced to count the cost of his power…and his dreams.

Fall into Ireland before the potato famine, and enjoy this heart-warming Irish tale with a magical twist.

A Short Story

Previously published in Glimpses of Time and Magic


Drugs … contains limited alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and/or drug/substance use. (Teen)
Profanity …contains no profanity at all, contains no racial slurs or negative racial words, and may contain a limited use of rude words. (For Everyone)
Sex … contains no sexual references, can have brief kissing, hugging, and hand-holding, and contains no nudity. (For Everyone)
Violence …contains limited violence without the gore and has a low body count. (Teen)
Mature Themes Death
Rating – Teen

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Author: Kandi J. Wyatt
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