The Clay Queen

With her armies defeated, Queen Nouei’s enemies march north to condemn her. The earth god’s only hope is to change history before they arrive. To become stronger, she is reborn as Bridget Blade. Even though she is a reincarnated god, Bridget’s fate is not sealed. Her future is hers to choose. She can remain a …

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Clay to Ashes

Bridget Blade is both a god with an insatiable desire for love and adoration and a human plagued by insecurities, fears, and anxieties. Unaware of her true divinity she longs for the kind of love and a happy family she’s never had. Her husband, Jeremy, though, seems more interested in turning her into a research …

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After Melina Rowe collides with an elderly man named Walter, she starts to hear people’s thoughts and have unsettling visions. Walter’s a guiding angel and she’s absorbed his powers. But the powers are too strong for humans and they’ll eventually kill Melina… if the trio of soul-snatching demons sent by an unknown enemy don’t do …

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Melina thought she was safe from the effects of the angel powers and from the Noxin demons. But the slight pain she still experiences after using the powers starts to grow worse. As the pain becomes unbearable, she finds herself lashing out at innocent people with unexplained anger. No one, not even the elders, seems …

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Cry of the Sea

Teen environmentalist Juniper Sawfeather discovers real mermaids caught in an oil spill. Can she protect them from being exploited by the media? Or killed by the oil company? An award-winning YA fantasy.