Heart of Ikchani

Powerful Women. Political games. Magic. Intrigue. The men don’t stand a chance. Adnieva loses everything she holds dear, and decides to leave her small village of Tiermerra in search of better things. At the top of her list is revenge. Elainya travels from city to city trying to conceal her ability, an ability she learned …

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Fantastic Realms

Dragons fly when the wind turns warm. Heroes unsheathe their swords when shadows darken doorways. A scrap of a girl enters the gladiator’s ring. A hero’s quest, or is it revenge? Fight to win. Fight to survive. Forested worlds with mountains and magic. From swords to serpents to spells, with characters you cheer for, mourn …

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Druid Warrior Prince

Gwenevieve Macken’s well-ordered world falls into chaos as encroaching interlopers scheme to possess both her and her land. Although she’s been trained to spot the signs of inhuman evil in men, the amassing armies take on guises she never expected. When a foreign guardian presents himself as her only option for salvation, Gwenevieve must make …

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