High Fantasy

Keepers of Fire

An unthinkable twist of fate lands Dethar in the secret home of his archenemy, Arthen Brightscar, and a dribble of gossip informs him that the elusive but dangerous hero is long since dead. Chagrined at the loss of his chance for vengeance, Dethar turns his sights on Arthen’s two young children and undefended widow. Killing …

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A high fantasy love story with fairy tale creatures in a world located in the center of our earth. A human girl, Autumn, finds a portal into the fairy world of Gryphendale. She must join a group of rebels fighting the wizard dictator Maldamien to save the world.


She must prove there’s more to life than peace and more to death than dying. The One People find guidance to peace and unity in the pages of TRANQUILITY. Drethene views the methods prescribed in the book as hurtful attempts to escape their diverse ancestry. Such pain is personal, as her parents aim to conceal …

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Child of the Kaites

She’s the leader of a revolt… At least, that’s what Rai used to believe. The kaites had prophesied so. Then Rai grew up, and reality looks different. How can she lead anything? Who would listen to an exile? She is simply an historian. And yet the Izyphorn empire’s evils continue. Her people are still enslaved. …

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The Forged Prince

His quiet life was shattered when Queen Moriganna decided a common stable boy could be forged into a powerful weapon against her enemies. Yet these are the lands of Tethera, where nothing is ever quite as it seems.  For his own part, the young man, now named Llew, intends to show the self-styled Queen of …

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First Magyc

The Guardians of the Path are entrusted with the protection of magyc, but magyc is dying. A Prophesy foretells the coming of the Songstress who will aid them when their need is most dire. Cedar doesn’t want Ria to be the one named, but what if she is the Guardians’ only hope of defeating the …

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