Fairy Tale

Until I Sleep

Ashlee Somers had always thought her life was ordinary, until the day she tragically loses her mother and is sent to live with the father she’s never met. Ash’s father gives her the beautiful and unusual Jaega locket. It contains the power to transport her between worlds. Thrust into a world of mystery and magic, …

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Prince Jade

Jade, the second-born prince of Kedrin, is full of unnatural powers and an uncontrollable darkness. He is ready to seize the throne. But when Jade’s life takes an unexpected turn, he meets Marigold, a simple farm girl who embodies everything that he is not. Gradually, for the first time, he begins to want the light. …

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The Dragon and the Scholar Saga: Complete Fantasy Romance Series Boxset

The complete four book series of The Dragon and the Scholar Saga, available for the first time in a box set. Inexperienced but determined, the young scholar, Shannon, answers a call to heal a king wounded by dragons – and pokes her own head into a nearby dragon’s lair. She finds an unexpected kindred spirit …

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The Ultimate Prince Charming

A prince without a princess, George has vowed to save the Lost Princesses in memory of his beloved Eleanor. Upon graduating from Charming Academy he begins his search. Little does he know that an old enemy has returned to ensure George never finds happily ever after for himself or anyone else.