Fairy Tale

Grimkeeper cover


This stand-alone romantic fantasy about found family and ancient secrets is perfect for fans of Fierce Heartand Entranced: Prince of the Doomed City. A determined girl. A dark elf scholar. A dance as old as time. When her arranged marriage goes awry, Dagmar Fray finds herself in a foreign land without a husband. Good riddance. Her real reason …

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Stealer of warmth, bringer of death. What if Cinderella had a secret that kept her locked away? Unable to make her own body heat, foundling Lizbete survives in the tavern kitchen, drawing warmth from the fires, the sun—and sometimes, other living beings. Her days are spent cooking alongside the tavern owner and avoiding the suspicious …

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Sookie Haverly is missing, but was she taken by a curse or a terrible creature haunting the Neverway? Rosamond is determined to find her sister in spite of the dangers she knows she will encounter in the mountains.Haunted by his past and nightmares, Victor Jenks must return to Briarstone Abbey and the Neverway as he …

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Kingdom’s Advent: Kingdom Fantasy Short Stories

Welcome to Kingdom, a fairytale world of grand fantasy consisting of endangered pixies as well as industrious giants, wishing wells and imprisoned towns, sorcery and swordsmanship—and cursed corsets too. This collection offers up an ambitious young fairy who learns a secret that will change her life, a virtuous girl trying to make a living in …

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The Royal Deal

A pampered princess is told she must marry a prince she doesn’t like, let alone love, on her nineteenth birthday. Desperate to find a way to stop this arranged marriage, she makes a bargain with her father. If she can survive for three months in the forest with no help of any kind and return …

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Out of the Ashes

Ásta’s life is turned upside-down when her father marries a woman with a shocking secret. Her distaste for her step-mother is only matched by her new-found desire to protect her step-sister, and she makes plans for their escape. Brynja fears everything–including her new sister–but as time goes on, she realizes how many lies she’s been …

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