The Place of Voices

Deep in a remote jungle, amid long-forgotten ancient ruins, three unlikely time travelers collide. In the shadows, a relentless evil presence lurks, threatening to lead them astray. Will they triumph over their adversary or be trapped in his web of lies? Sometimes it takes a journey through time to learn the true meaning of sacrifice.


A legend that tells of a star… It’s been hundreds of years since the Dark Lord fell from heaven. Now his power is growing, and as his pall settles over the free world, four adventurers plot his downfall. If Pluriel and his companions can cheat a cunning dragon and retrieve a legendary sword, there’s a …

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Mercy’s Gift

While Prince Valerian adjusts to marriage as well as his new title, conspiracy brews in the south among disgruntled lords who wish to separate from the north. The situation is made even more volatile by a charismatic rebel leader whose guerilla tactics are swift and brutal. The clandestine efforts of a witch hired by one …

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Mercy’s Battle

As Prince Valerian and Merry flounder in the aftermath of their terrible losses, they must adjust to the changes that have been wrought upon their lives. Their sole comfort lies in the belief that their nemesis, Liall Guinness has perished and can no longer torment them. But they are wrong. Liall Guinness is very much …

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Mercy’s King

Eleven years of peace shatter when the great dragons attack. Prince Valerian, unable to contact the dragon leader, Albinonix, is blamed for bringing the dragons to Levathia. With King Orland gravely ill, and Merry unable to Heal him, Lord Lewes and Sir Gregory take advantage of the turmoil by putting forward their own candidate to …

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The Tower of Refuge

Fearing an end to his time with Anna, Brendan attempts to take matters into his own hands, leading a group of newfound friends on a desperate journey across two continents in an attempt to steal time. Join Anna and Brendan for an unforgettable adventure across the Via Egnatia and into ancient Cappadocia in their final …

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