Internal Fall, book cover with gentleman falling into red fiery pit

Infernal Fall

Daniel Strong is a troubled young man with only one bright spot in his life—his girlfriend, Kristine. He hopes to propose to her on a hike in the mountains, but a mysterious artifact in a dark cavern ruins his plan. Things quickly go downhill—literally—as handling the ‘keystone’ causes Daniel to fall straight into Hell, leaving …

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The Fellowship of the Flame, A Chronicles of Purpura Novella

A deadly hunter – A boy with an ill-fated dream – Only one can survive. Caggril, ruthless mercenary and tracker, needs enough gold to release himself from the Purpuran army. Only then can he leave war behind and seek the near mythical land of Aerdem, by all reports a paradise. Cap, a ten-year-old street urchin, knows it’s …

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The Throne of Cerecia

After the secret of his magic fire potion was stolen and his closest ally killed, King Chysh is out for revenge. Unfortunately for him, his ruthless tactics and poor leadership have created many enemies. The Chief and his band of smugglers are fomenting rebellion, Chysh’s own sister is considering turning against him, and unknown entities …

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A Crack in the Rock

Born the daughter of goatherds in the Granite Mountains of Berush, Sashia longs for greater challenge and adventure. Her active mind constantly gets her into trouble. Unable to stand by while others suffer, Sashia intervenes, often with unintended results. When an itinerant healer and his wife discover Sashia and offer her an apprenticeship, she jumps …

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A Dragon’s Gift

An unknown hunter stalks the forest. Deadly lessons wait in shadows. Seventeen-year-old Peridot has never done what anyone expected. Her family says she spends far too much time on the mountain, watching the dragons and taming the wolves. She neglects her lessons and hasn’t learned to use magic like a proper young sprite. None of …

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