Social Media Boosting for Beginners: JUST ASK!

You post a post, something new, shiny, and exciting and … chirp, chirp, chirp, the crickets start to sing, but you don’t see any likes, no comments, and your “views” are a small portion of your follower count.

The dirty little not-so-secret is that Facebook does not want pages to get exposure—for free. They have that “BOOST POST” button for a reason, and they want you to use it. Their algorithm will hide you from even the people who have clicked that they want to see your content.

While consistent, engaging content can sometimes muscle past Facebook’s system, another way is to get your post shared by other authors and readers within your genre.

But how do you do this if they can’t even see your posts to know they are there to share?


Link your post in relevant author groups (that allow for this. Always check group rules) and ask if the other authors there will do you a solid and click SHARE! In return, when you see another author’s post that is a good fit for your audience, share that too.

Caveat: don’t feel you need to share everything just to be helpful. Sharing a sweet romance post on your page devoted to spooky, scary horror books is NOT going to really help the other writer and will just confuse your audience. It’s okay to say, “Thanks, but this book is not a good fit for my readers.”

H. L. Burke is an indie fantasy author, Fellowship of Fantasy founder, and author mentor with Sparkly Writer Princess Author Services.
You can find out more on her website at:

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