Privacy Policy

What we collect from you:

Your name, email address, user/fan submissions, information to be posted in the author database.

How we use your information:

Your email address will be used only to contact you.

Your complete name may be posted publicly on the website, but in an effort to protect minors only first name and last initial will be posted publicly for fan submissions.

Any content you submit to be displayed, such as fan content, will be displayed publicly.

Any other information that you provide about yourself as an author, other than email address, will be posted publicly.

We may share all or some of your information with those working or volunteering on the Fellowship of Fantasy website.  Only the information necessary will be shared with those who need it.

Our goal is to keep your information safe.  If at anytime you would like us to remove any or all of your information please email us at and we will do our best to comply.

We also use Google analytics and the tracking features provided by Weebly to collect information regarding your visit.  Please see Weebly Privacy Policy Section 2d and Google Anayltics Help for more information.

Please also see the Weebly Privacy Policy for additional information that may affect your privacy.  Fellowship of Fantasy uses the Weebly service to provide this website and as such is under the umbrella of the Weebly Privacy Policy.

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