Chronicles of the Secret Prince, #2

Once Upon a Darker Time

By M.J. Bell

Deston Lespérance assumed that once he defied the odds and bested Grossard, the malicious solitary faerie who imprisoned his parents, he and his family would live ‘happily-ever-after’ in the land of Tir na-nÓg. That’s how stories end in the movies. But this wasn’t a movie, and fitting in with the fae and accessing his new found powers has not been as automatic as he expected it to be.
To add to his troubles, he learns Grossard survived the collapse of the chantry and is more resolved than ever to destroy his family and the high realm. And Grossard might actually succeed this time, for Mordred, an old adversary of the light, has joined forces with him and together they plan to retrieve the Shard of Erebus and unleash the power of the God of Darkness onto the earth.
Deston knows in his heart he isn’t equipped to take on a powerful sorcerer and an evil faerie, but destiny waits for no one, not even the secret Prince of Tir na-nÓg. Ready or not, he heads out on a new epic adventure to locate and destroy the Shard before Grossard and Mordred can get to it, with only his dreams to guide him and Margaux to help him figure out the clues. He’s fully aware the stakes are higher than ever, but he has no idea the sacrifices he’ll be required to make.
As his world crumbles around him and his friends fall, he hangs onto one glimmer of hope—that the fae power and strength truly does reside within him; and that he can actually become the hero the fae claim him to be.


Drugs … contains no alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or drug/substance use. (For Everyone)
Profanity …contains no profanity at all, contains no racial slurs or negative racial words, and may contain a limited use of rude words. (For Everyone)
Sex … contains no sexual references, can have brief kissing, hugging, and hand-holding, and contains no nudity. (For Everyone)
Violence …contains limited violence without the gore and has a low body count. (Teen)
Mature Themes No
Rating – Teen:V

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Author: M.J. Bell