October 2022 New Release

Are you looking for something NEW to read?
​Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
​Check out these amazing new books from awesome
​Fellowship of Fantasy Authors!
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By Everly Haywood
PG-13 for action and violence
When scheming bride and secretive bookworm collide, can they survive the explosion of culture and magic?

Majesty (Storm & Spire Book 2)
By Stefanie Lozinski
PG-13 for mentioned threat of sexual assault
The sacrifices to the gods have ceased. A wicked king thirsts for power. A forbidden love threatens everything.

Shield of Shadow
By C. F. E. Black
PG-13 for creepy beasts and mild violence
A woman afraid of her magic. A lord with secrets to hide.

A Superhero for Christmas
By H.L. Burke
PG for mild crude language
When a poorly disguised superhero lands in her neighborhood, reporter Lara smells a story. If only he wasn’t so adorable.

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