May 2021 New Releases

Are you looking for something NEW to read (or listen to)? 
​Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 
​Check out five amazing new books from awesome
​Fellowship of Fantasy Authors!

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The Fellowship of the Flame, A Chronicles of Purpura Novella

The Fellowship of the Flame, A Chronicles of Purpura Novella
by A. R. Silverberry
Rated PG-13
A deadly hunter …
A boy with an ill-fated dream …
Only one can survive.

Minstrel’s Call
by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Rated PG for Fantasy Battles and Creepy Moments
War threatens. The game board is set. But the Minstrel is missing.

Deliver Us
by Jim Doran
Rated PG-13+ for Some Swearing, Sexual Situations, Violence, Torture, and Maiming
Five fairytale queens. Four exotic locales. Three evil witches. Two naïve narrators. One epic quest.

Where Secrets Lie
by Elise Edmonds
Rated PG-13 for Some Violence, Light Romance, Light Swearing, and Drug Use
Three friends—torn apart by war. With the fate of their country at stake, will their lives ever be the same again?

On the Run with a Supervillain: Supervillain Romance Project Book 2
by H. L. Burke
Rated PG for Light Swearing, Action Violence, and Flirting
Superhero Shawn wants to get hitched…not framed.

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