March 2023 New Releases

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Aerisian Waning

Aerisian Waning
By Sarah Ashwood
PG-13 for Kissing scenes, mild innuendo, fantasy violence, battles, non-graphic description of SA.
A hidden killer and ancient mysteries will either bring The Hunter and Rittean together to defend their homeland, or shatter them—and Aerisia—forever.

Maker (Storm & Spire Book 4)

Maker (Storm & Spire Book 4)
By Stefanie Lozinski
PG-13+ for War violence. Some mature themes, including mentions of general death. suicidal thoughts, and abortion.
Storm & Spire is a Christian fantasy series, perfect for readers who enjoy fantastical creatures, political intrigue, and a touch of clean romance.

D-Dames: Four stories of women and elemental magic in World War 2.

D-Dames: Four stories of women and elemental magic in World War 2.
By Laura VanArendonk Baugh
PG-13 for Non-Graphic Reference to Sexual Activity, Non-Graphic War Violence.
Meet young women finding both courage and powers as they resist the Axis forces in England (fire), Wales (air), Northern Ireland (earth), and Scotland (water).

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