June 2022 New Releases

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storm and spire cover
Storm & Spire

Storm & Spire
by Stefanie Lozinski
Rated PG-13 for war violence, discussion of suicidal thoughts, death, and mild innuendo
Storm & Spire is a Christian epic fantasy series, perfect for readers who enjoy fast-paced storytelling, fantastical lands, and devious dragons.

Shadow House
by A. R. Silverberry
Rated PG-13+ for references to mature content, some swearing, and explicit violence
All 18-Year-Olds Shall Enter the House, A Rite Few Return From … Running for his life, questioning his heart, Johari is about to learn why.

Earth’s Melody
by Julie C. Gilbert & Julie Hinton
Rated PG-13 for Violence
She went from holostar to exile. Is her next role rebel?

A Tale of Heroes, Book 3: Of Dragons and Kings

A Tale of Heroes, Book 3: Of Dragons and Kings
by Mark Hansen
Rated PG for Violence, Implied Sexual Harassment, and Casual Alcohol Use
The Dragons are rising. Eddiwarth and his friends go looking for the dagger to stop them. Maybe, along the way, Eddiwarth can find himself, too.

The Fox and the Phoenix
by Erica Laurie
Rated PG for Mild Violence, Mention of Blood
The Red String of Fate has been tied.

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