Eun Na and the Phantom

By Erica Laurie

Eun Na’s father is deep in debt, and if he can’t pay, their landlord will claim her as a slave.

The family rallies together to pay what they owe, and Eun Na meets two very different men: her landlord’s son, Min Jae, and Tae Kyung, a mysterious man from the mountains. When Eun Na’s father is injured and unable to work, Tae Kyung steps in to help.

Eun Na accepts his offer…and finds herself falling in love.

But Tae Kyung keeps a dark secret. His soul is cursed. Each night he is forced to take the form of an ethereal phantom, and he has lost all hope of freedom—and love.

This magical story, inspired by a Korean folktale about a logger’s daughter who marries a phantom, is set in a fictional world based on Joseon era Korea.


Drugs … contains no alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or drug/substance use. (For Everyone)
Profanity …contains no profanity at all, contains no racial slurs or negative racial words, and may contain a limited use of rude words. (For Everyone)
Sex … contains limited non-descriptive references to sexual activities, occasional passionate kissing, and/or non-descriptive cases of non-sexual nudity. (Teen)
Violence … contains only storybook violence, no depictions of blood or gore, and no descriptive deaths. (For Everyone)
Mature Themes No
Rating – Teen:S

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Author: Erica Laurie