For Everyone, Mature Themes: Human trafficking, Abuse
Dragon Courage, #4

Dragon’s Cure

By Kandi J. Wyatt

When Serena heads out on her own, escaping an abusive relationship, the last thing she expected was to hear voices…from a dragon.

Running from her cruel father, Serena vows never to be hurt again. Despite her best efforts to push all relationships away, a little dragon befriends her. Life as a dragon rider has its perks, but Serena isn’t willing to open up enough to make the bond what it can be.

Carryn loves her family and dragon. Her childhood friend, Tyrell, has become an honored rider and sees Carryn’s innocence as immaturity. When Tyrell dates her new friend, Serena, Carryn wonders what will become of their friendship.

As Serena’s heart unthaws, she allows Tyrell in, only to discover he’s not been completely honest with her. With Serena sold into slavery, Carryn tracks down her friend intent on revenge. But will that leave her as much a slave as Serena?

Dragon’s Cure is the extremely captivating fourth book in the Dragon Courage series. If you like wonderful worlds, getting lost in novels, and not being able to put down a book, you’ll like Kandi J Wyatt’s amazing series.


Drugs … contains no alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or drug/substance use. (For Everyone)
Profanity …contains no profanity at all, contains no racial slurs or negative racial words, and may contain a limited use of rude words. (For Everyone)
Sex … contains no sexual references, can have brief kissing, hugging, and hand-holding, and contains no nudity. (For Everyone)
Violence … contains only storybook violence, no depictions of blood or gore, and no descriptive deaths. (For Everyone)
Mature Themes Yes
Rating – For Everyone, Mature Themes: Human trafficking, Abuse

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Author: Kandi J. Wyatt