December 2021 New Releases

Are you looking for something NEW to read?
​Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
​Check out these amazing new books from awesome
​Fellowship of Fantasy Authors!
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The Apprentice of Amadan Dubh
by Kandi J Wyatt
Rated PG for Off Page Death
Fame, fortune, and the favor of a certain red-headed girl.
Fall into Ireland before the potato famine, and enjoy this heart-warming Irish tale with a magical twist.

Cinnamon Bun Sirens
by Selina J Eckert
Rated PG for Scary Sequences
Spooky season has arrived in Cider Hollow, and this year, Reese has something to fear.

Kin & Kind (Shard of Elan #4)
by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Rated PG-13 for Fade to Black, Intense Violence, Perilous Peril
They have one chance to salvage the shattered peace before their nations plunge into renewed war—but the price of trust may be too high.

Power Play: Supervillain Rescue Project #2
by H. L. Burke
Rated PG for Mild Crude Language, Action Violence
It’s dangerous to go alone. Even for superheroes. Superpowered teens get pulled into a TTRPG game. Can they complete the quest to return home?

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