Teen:PSV, Mature Themes: Physical and emotional abuse
The Hidden Level Trifecta, #3

Crashing the Game

By A. J. Bakke

Now that he’s settled on a world where video games don’t exist, 17-year-old Brandon thinks his gaming days are over. Not a bad thing. Life on a farm is simple and straightforward. Most importantly, he is free of his abusive father and living with a family who dotes on and encourages him. His life has taken a huge u-turn for the better. His shattered spirit is slowly healing, his confidence gradually blooming.
But his old escape from reality catches up to him on an epic scale. So does his dangerous and vindictive father. Can he and his friends deliver the Blue Screen of Death to an entire dimension as well as keep Brandon safe from being dragged back into a life of terror and pain?


Drugs … contains no alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or drug/substance use. (For Everyone)
Profanity …contains no strong profanity, has limited use of mild profanity, and contains no racial slurs. (Teen)
Sex … contains limited non-descriptive references to sexual activities, occasional passionate kissing, and/or non-descriptive cases of non-sexual nudity. (Teen)
Violence …contains limited violence without the gore and has a low body count. (Teen)
Mature Themes Yes
Rating – Teen:PSV, Mature Themes: Physical and emotional abuse

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Author: A. J. Bakke