Character Interview with the Creations of Jim Doran

Kingdom’s Advent is an anthology of six short stories all set in the same fairytale world called Kingdom but each with a different main character in each story. Therefore, the following is a panel interview.

What is your current job/vocation?

My name is Planet Constellation and I am a pixie girl and gooseberry (rare as they are) seeker. (Story: Gooseberries).

My name is Coal Whisper and I am a human girl and farmer’s daughter. (Story: Rose and Coal)

I am Lyken, a human man and hunter. (Story: Don’t Save the Princess)

Who is your best friend?

Coal: My neighbor, a girl my age named Rose Red Fyrekilm.

Who is your worst enemy?

Planet: My so-called perfect sister. Ms. “Oh-Planet-Do-You-Need-Help-With-A-Simple-Transmute-Spell?” I will transmute her into something!

Lyken: A woman who has hired assassins to kill me for following my conscience.

If someone were to give you a gift, what would you hope it to be?

Planet: A map to a gooseberry patch.

Coal: My mother’s love.

Do you consider yourself a hero?

Planet: Indeed! I am a hero-in-training!

Lyken: Not at all. I am only a hunter.

Can you tell us about your greatest victory?

Planet: I passed my Incantation practicals on my third try.

Coal: Making Rose Red my best friend. She is not an easily won over.

Lyken: I once disobeyed an order and helped a damsel out.

Coal (mouths): He means me.

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