Author Spotlight: Amber Gabriel

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This week our reader blog is spotlighting the works of Fellowship of Fantasy Member, Amber Gabriel.

Amber Gabriel

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to read. One of the first books I remember reading was a Wonder Book version of Cinderella. It was in the reading station in my kindergarten class, and I loved the illustrations. I would pick that book out every time, so my teacher finally removed it from the shelf to force me to expand my horizons. Now I have my own copy.

Another book that influenced me very early on was Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy World. It told a story of two creative painters who painted a mural of a large sun inside someone’s house. I thought the idea was genius, so I drew a large sunshine on my wall with crayon. It was scrubbed off, but I continued to have a desire to express myself artistically.

In middle school, I enjoyed writing, and my English teacher told me I would write a book someday. I loved to read, sometimes reading late into the night. When I was not reading, I was making up stories in my head for my own amusement, but I never wrote them down. I was more interested in drawing and painting than writing. I have since painted numerous works of art, including some very large outdoor murals. You can see some of them if you do an internet search of Paint by Amber.

Over the years, I have had a lot of trouble with insomnia. I had heard that if you write down your ideas, it will help you to be able to go to sleep. That didn’t help, but I did end up writing some complete novels. Recently, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, and understanding my sleep patterns, along with scheduling at least one nap during the day, has greatly improved my quality of life. The line between dreaming and wakefulness for me is sometimes blurred, and some of my ideas come straight from my dreams. Others are worked out while I’m lying in bed unable to sleep. It was fun to type them out, and I am planning to continue writing. My goal as an author is to write the type of books that I would like to read. My favorite genre is fantasy fiction, and I read and write books that tackle difficult issues but resolve themselves into a happy ending. I hope you enjoy my stories and characters as much as I do. If you search my name and the word ‘author,’ you should be able to find my social media site. I look forward to hearing from you!

A Crack in the Rock

Born the daughter of goatherds in the Granite Mountains of Berush, Sashia longs for greater challenge and adventure. Her active mind constantly gets her into trouble. Unable to stand by while others suffer, Sashia intervenes, often with unintended results. When an itinerant healer and his wife discover Sashia and offer her an apprenticeship, she jumps at the chance to sate her curiosity of the natural world and change her future.

Heir to the throne of Berush, Cyrus is strong, decisive, and a born leader. He longs for a wife who will share his vision for the country–a wife of his choosing, not his father’s. Sashia catches his eye, but even a handsome prince finds capturing her heart a challenge.

Life is uncertain, and Sashia soon finds she cannot control every outcome. Used to relying on logic and her own resourcefulness, no amount of training can prepare her for the choices that lie ahead. She struggles to shape her own destiny in a patriarchal society where polygamy is legal and women are subject to their fathers or a spouse.

As Berush is threatened by enemies from without and within, Sashia’s creativity, stubbornness, and tenacity place her in a perfect position to both save lives and affect the course of the entire country. The consequences of her decisions will reverberate for generations. Slight of frame, but fierce in heart, Sashia will need every ounce of strength she possesses to live her dreams and win a future of love and happiness.

The Warrior Prince of Berush

Darius is a seasoned soldier serving as general of his brother’s army. Tensions between Berush and the neighboring countries of Artylia and Cerecia are high. War looms on the horizon. Renowned for his skill as a swordsman and leader in battle, Darius vows to protect his country and wreak vengeance on its enemies, but the toll is heavy. Violent dreams torment him at night, and a red haze of anger often clouds his judgment.

Concerned for his brother’s well-being, King Cyrus sends Darius on a diplomatic assignment, but the warrior prince is not used to peaceful missions. He is used to getting his own way, usually at the point of a sword. Supporting his brother and keeping his people safe, whatever the cost, are his only priorities. Love is certainly not on his agenda, until he meets Lady Eemya–a beautiful, confident woman with a will to match his own.

Darius quickly realizes what he wants cannot be taken, it can only be given. Can he convince this genteel, Artylian landholder that he is more than the wild animal he seems? To do so, he must look deep into his own heart, confront the darkness he has allowed to fester there, and find that his worst enemy is himself. But will Darius be able to defeat what torments him and win Eemya’s heart at the same time?

In search of Magic Fire

While Lady Eemya and her husband vacation in Berush, trouble is brewing elsewhere. In Eemya’s absence, cousin Lydima abandons her former, pleasure-seeking lifestyle and battles disease, cares for orphans, and stands up against the evils of human trafficking with the help of Lord Yoused. Earning respect as a leader is a struggle but not nearly as hard as learning to value herself. Can she leave the past behind and open her heart to the future?

The Cerecians are concocting even more devious weapons, and Stelan is caught up in a dangerous mission from which he may not return alive. Can he escape Cerecia carrying valuable military secrets, or will his attraction for a beautiful, mysterious spy be his downfall?

Peril, intrigue, and romance are intricately woven together in this exciting new installment of The Edge of the Sword.

The Throne of Cerecia

After the secret of his magic fire potion was stolen and his closest ally killed, King Chysh is out for revenge. Unfortunately for him, his ruthless tactics and poor leadership have created many enemies. The Chief and his band of smugglers are set to foment rebellion, Chysh’s own sister is considering turning against him, and unknown entities are plotting behind the scenes.

The normally docile Bashalis is turning into a rebellious teenager. In spite of her sheltered life and limited eyesight, she attempts to get out from under her brother’s thumb and become her own person. Will she find the confidence and courage to defy her brother and find her own path, or will Chysh’s opposition use her as a pawn? How will the king respond when his younger sister becomes a threat?

Stelan and Talia are experiencing tension in their marriage and are unable to pinpoint the source of their communication problems. Is it their language and background differences, fallout from their battle injuries and traumatic experiences, or something deeper? How can two people who love each other so much still be unhappy? A new threat could bring them back together or drive them apart forever.

Assassins, explosions, battles, and intrigue abound in this quest to determine who sits on the querulous throne of Cerecia.

The Princess of Everywhere

Princess Bashalis has chosen to go into exile with her brother, the deposed, former king of Cerecia. They are required by the new monarch to travel with a handler who will keep an eye on them and prevent Chysh from undermining the current regime from afar. Their former servant, Hatch, volunteers for the job. It is soon apparent that he is more than just a servant. Who is he really, and where do his true loyalties lie?

Bashalis’ musical ability and easy-going manners recommend her to everyone’s affections wherever she goes. Her talents are in high demand, and more than one man becomes enamored by her charms. Her family’s murderous background held no examples of marital bliss for her to use as a standard. Will she recognize true love when she finds it?

Chysh is plagued by depression and hopelessness as all he has ever striven for is lost to him. He alternates between wallowing in his despair or lashing out in anger. Can he and his sister find a home where they feel welcome and content? What purpose can a man have who has lost everything? Follow them on their journey to discover true peace and belonging.

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