August 2021 New Releases

Are you looking for something NEW to read (or listen to)? 
​Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 
​Check out these amazing new books from awesome
​Fellowship of Fantasy Authors!

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Seasons of Magic Volume 1
by Selina J. Eckert
Rated PG for Mild Fantasy Violence and Themes of Grief
The heat of summer, the colors of fall, the chill of winter, the fresh breath of spring… Four fairy tale retellings in one volume!

The Tear of Tybaleth
by A. R. Silverberry
Rated PG-13+ for Sexual References
A bold heroine … A ruthless queen …
Only one can triumph …

The Beauty of Magic
by Rachel Harris
Rated PG-13 for Death and Intense Action Scenes
A retelling where Snow White meets Goldie Locks in this novella about the past, friendship, and that beauty is more than skin deep.

Vanilla Bean Vampire
by Selina J. Eckert
Rated PG for Fantasy Fighting, Scary Sequences
Welcome to Cider Hollow, where the pies are magic and the people are disappearing.

Abiding Destiny
by Morgan J. Muir
Rated PG-13 for Themes of Abuse, Death
Destiny won’t wait forever. Danger grows as Mikhael and Mariah are pulled inextricably closer, and, come life or death, prophecy will be fulfilled.

Dark Affliction: Between Blood and Sand Prequel
by Everly Haywood
Rated PG-13 for Action Violence, Death, Non-Bloody Torture.
When Calder and Maeve try to unravel the mystery of the deadly affliction preying upon their dragons, oaths will be broken and family bonds tested.

The Poet’s Eye
by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Rated PG-13+ for Violence, Reference to Past Sexual Abuse.
A red-headed farmboy steals a magical amulet to keep his family from killing each other for it—again. Too bad it turns out to be a hoax.

by A. K. R. Scott
Rated PG-13 for Moderate Violence, Non-Graphic Sexual References
She doubts her magic. Her bloodline’s been unveiled. And now her enemies have pushed her into a deadly corner.

Reunion: Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Book 5
by H. L. Burke
Rated PG for Moderate Swearing and Innuendo
Retired superhero, Aiden Powell, finds himself yanked back into the action by a strange woman who thinks Aiden is his father … and that it’s 1998.

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