April 2023 New Releases

Are you looking for something NEW to read?
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​Check out these amazing new books from awesome
​Fellowship of Fantasy Authors!
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By Kandi J Wyatt
PG for Action & Suspense
When your nightmares waken, where do you find rest? Can her bonds survive both the pressures of a kingdom and the fears she carries?

One Thousand Winters

One Thousand Winters
By Erica Laurie
PG-13 for Blood & Death
A fairy and a dragon were never supposed to fall in love.

Dragon Surf

Dragon Surf
By D. G. Driver with Jeni Bautista Richard
G for Mention of Addiction, Some Danger, Mild Language
All Eric wanted was to learn how to surf, not how to tame an angry dragon hiding and brooding deep in a cave off a secluded beach.

The Silver Eclipse: Akkron

The Silver Eclipse: Akkron
By Kristy Dixon
PG for Light Violence
A magic world, an evil organization, illegal portals, four friends, and a prophecy.

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