April 2022 New Releases

Are you looking for something NEW to read?
​Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
​Check out these amazing new books from awesome
​Fellowship of Fantasy Authors!
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I & the Magic Pen
by Amber Gabriel
Rated G
Put yourself in the role of protagonist and follow “I” on this relatable, entertaining journey to empathy.

The King, the Thief, and the Dragon
by D.P. Rowell
Rated PG-13 for Some Mild Violence
A powerful king in hiding, a thief who knows his secrets, and a Great Dragon threatens all they know and love. Can a ragtag band of scum and royalty come together to save their kingdom?

Stones of Fire, the Complete Series

Stones of Fire, the Complete Series
by Sarah Ashwood
Rated PG-13 for Some Swearing, Sensuality
Life was normal until Ellie fell into a war between monsters and a marriage of convenience to a lethal shifter. And that was only the beginning…

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