Add / Update Book Information

This form is for authors or their representative to add or update books listed in the Fellowship of Fantasy Directory.  Information should not be submitted by fans.  If a reader would like a particular author to submit a book, they should contact the author directly and encourage the author to fill out this form.

For a book to be included in the Fellowship of Fantasy database, the book must be published and meet the minimum submission standards and the form below filled out and submitted.  It is okay for an book to be included in this site if one or more of the author’s other books, not included on this site, do not meet the submission guidelines, so long as the published books they submit do meet the guidelines.

A reminder that along with the other submission standards that books must be published.

  • Books may be self-published, generally through companies such as CreateSpace, Lulu, or IngramSpark* or traditionally published through a publishing company.  Books may also be published as an eBook, so long as they are available through a reputable vendor. Books should not be handmade, only on a webpage, a word possessing document, a PDF, just printed and stapled, or any other non-professional format.

If an author needs to update a book, they may do so with this form, but should check the update check box to avoid duplicate entries.  The same email address should be used each time to ensure that the same individual is making updates.

All information except email address will be used to update information on the website and will be displayed publicly.  Email address will be used solely to communicate between Fellowship of Fantasy and the author/representative. ​

Authors and/or representatives will not be contacted when submissions are received nor when they are published or rejected.  Feel free to contact us if your submission is not published in 30 days.* is not affiliated with nor endorsed by CreateSpace, Lulu, or IngramSpark. These three are listed purely as an example of a possible self-publishing company.