About Fellowship of Fantasy

Fellowship of Fantasy is where fantasy fans and authors connect and can find clean fantasy books.

Our goal is to find shareable content that will appeal to lovers of fantasy.

Our author listings provide links to a great variety of fantasy authors, with convenient ratings provided for the discerning reader or concerned parent. If you are an author who would like to be listed, click on the “Ad/Update Author” link at the bottom of the page. We reserve the rights to reject submission for any reason. Author input is done on a volunteer basis, so please be patient with us if it takes a while for the listing to go live.

We also host author/reader interaction events through our Facebook page and have put out an anthology of short stories.

Check back frequently for new events!

Reporting Copyright Infringement

Fellowship of Fantasy supports the protection of works by its authors and others.  Unfortunately sometimes people submit content made by others and claim it as their own.  Fellowship of Fantasy makes it a goal to only use content it owns or has the right to use.  If you would like to report a case of copyright infringement on FellowshipofFantasy.com, please email FellowshipofFantasy@gmail.com and include the following items:

  1. Subject heading: Copyright Infringement
  2. Describe what copyrighted work was infringed.  Please share a link or some information to verify that you are the owner.
  3. URL or description of the location of the copyrighted work.
  4. An email address and/or other contact information.
  5. A statement that you have a good faith belief that the copyrighted work was used without permission of the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
  6. A statement that the information in the notification is accurate, and, under penalty of perjury, that you are  the copyright owner or authorized to act for them.
  7.  A signature (typing your full name is just fine) of the copyright owner or a person authorized to so for them.

Submission Guidelines & Book Ratings

Fellowship of Fantasy has the goal of providing a place for fantasy readers to connect to authors without having to worry if a book contains “adult” (inappropriate) content.  We understand that some people want to read this “adult”content, and if that is you, then this website may not be for you. For the rest of us, this is a breath of fresh air and we hope a haven that readers will enjoy as they begin new reading adventures.

In order to ensure that Fellowship of Fantasy stays “clean,” a set of submission guidelines have been created.  Fellowship of Fantasy also knows that not all readers have the same standards of what is permissible to read. As such, a rating system is used.  Unfortunately, the system will not fit the needs of all in identifying what is clean for them, but hopefully will be good guidance.

An honor system is used when authors submit new books to the site.  Authors verify that their book(s) meet the submission guidelines and note what level rating their book(s) receive based on its content.  Fellowship of Fantasy has a committee of reviewers who look in to any reports of incorrect ratings or inappropriate submissions. If a book is found to not meet the submission guidelines, it will be removed.  Ratings may also be changed after a review. If an author feels the decision is incorrect, they may appeal to the review board. Authors also have the option to request that their book is reviewed by a member of the review committee upon submission in case they are unsure of submission eligibility or rating level.  Books will be reviewed at the discretion of the committee and as time permits as reviewers are volunteers. Authors are responsible for providing a free electronic review copy if requested. Authors who refuse to follow the submission guidelines or cooperate with the review committee will be banned from further submission and their current submissions removed.

Submission Guidelines

Fellowship of Fantasy generally follows the same standards as CleanIndieReads.com for the submission standards of what is approved to be included and featured in the website along with the requirement that books are published.

Books must be published.

  • Books may be self-published, generally through companies such as CreateSpace, Lulu, or IngramSpark* or traditionally published through a publishing company.  Books may also be published as an eBook, so long as they are available through a reputable vendor. Books should not be handmade, only on a webpage, a word possessing document, a PDF, just printed and stapled, or any other non-professional format.

Books may not contain erotica or sexually explicit scenes. 

  • There should be nothing that gives a play-by-play description of a sexual encounter or describes nudity in detail. Mild innuendo, reference to sensual or sexual activity that is “off screen” and not graphically portrayed may be used in some books written for adults.

Books may not contain the “F-word” or gratuitous strong language.

  • They may contain minimal offensive language.  Other words commonly considered as swearing and/or racially offensive terms should be used very sparingly, if at all. Such words should be present only in an effort to mimic speech in times of great duress for a character (and not just peppered in gratuitously).

Books may not contain graphic violence or gore.

  • There should be nothing that paints a very specific and horrific image in the reader’s mind. Scenes generally described as appropriate for war stories, crime stories, etc. may be present.

Books may not tear down another belief system, whether political or religious.

Other extremely offensive material may not be acceptable as determined on a case by case basis by the review committee.

Submit a new book.

Report a book that doesn’t meet the submission guidelines.

Fellowship of Fantasy submission guidelines are based on “What do we mean by ‘Clean’?” from http://cleanindiereads.com/clean-criteria/.

​Thanks Lia London!

Book Ratings

​Ratings will be noted under each book in the Fellowship of Fantasy Directory. (Ratings for stories in anthologies represent the story, not necessarily the anthology as a whole.) There will be one of 3 ratings (Everyone, Teen, and Adult) in each of the 4 categories (S-Sex and Nudity, P-Profanity, V-Violence and Gore, D-Drug and Substance Use) along with a Mature Theme notation if applicable.  If all 4 categories rate at Everyone then “For Everyone” will be displayed after the book title. If a book receives a Teen or an Adult rating then the words Teen and/or Adult will appear after the book title followed by the letter of the category that received the rating. If a book has a mature theme such as abortion, abuse, coping with death, neglect, suicide, etc. then that will be noted after the rating.  See examples below to see what rating actually looks like.

Drug and Substance Use

Everyone rating: No alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or drug/substance use.

Teen rating:   Limited alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and/or drug/substance use.

Adult rating: Substantial alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and/or drug/substance use but still follows all of the submission guidelines.


Everyone rating: No profanity at all.  No racial slurs or negative racial words. May contain a limited use of rude words.

Teen rating: No strong profanity.  Limited use of mild profanity.  No racial slurs.

Adult rating: Some strong profanity, semi-frequent mild profanity and/or some racial slurs but still follows all of the submission guidelines.

Sex and Nudity

Everyone rating: No sexual references.  Can have brief kissing, hugging, and hand-holding.  No nudity.

Teen rating: Limited non-descriptive references to sexual activities.  Occasional passionate kissing. Non-descriptive cases of non-sexual nudity.

Adult rating: Mild innuendo and/or reference to sensual or sexual activity that is “off screen” and not graphically portrayed but still follows all of the submission guidelines.

Violence and Gore

Everyone rating: Only storybook violence.  No depictions of blood or gore.  No descriptive deaths.

Teen rating: Limited violence without the gore.  Low body count.

Adult rating: Large-scale violence and/or intense violent scenes without gore but still follows all of the submission guidelines.

Mature Theme

If a book contains a main theme such as abortion, abuse, coping with death, neglect, suicide, etc. that may not be suitable for all audiences, especially younger audiences, then it will be noted after the rating.  A mature theme does not necessarily make a book less “clean.” It could have a “For Everyone” Rating or an “Adult” rating. The list above is not necessarily inclusive of all possible mature themes that could be listed.  A book may list more than one theme if applicable.

Rating Examples

​A Good Clean Book For Everyone

A Mostly Clean Book Teen:PV Mature Theme: Coping with death

Another Mostly Clean Book Teen:SV Adult:P

A Fairly Clean Book Teen:P Adult:D

Another Fairly Clean Book Adult:DPSV Mature Theme: Suicide

Add a new book or update your books rating.

Report an incorrect book rating.

*FellowshipofFantasy.com is not affiliated with nor endorsed by CreateSpace, Lulu, or IngramSpark. These three are listed purely as an example of a possible

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